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  1. Anonymous

    I had friends in from out of town, and it was embarrassing because I had hyped up that area of the city, and they were shocked by all the teens blocking up the sidewalks and making comments when we were trying to get through. I don’t remember it ever being like this before…

  2. Andrew Johnson

    Teens create problems when they’re bored. I think we can all remember being teens and how quickly that boredom can set in.

    The central problem that Bounce is “contributing to” seems to be loitering on the street “between closing and curfew” and the numbers “1000+”. Allow more clubs like Avenue to open up and allow the clubs to be open until just before curfew. Sure, there may be a small perception of increase when the clubs first open, but gradually the crowds will thin themselves out across the available clubs.

    Remember, these teens will very soon be adult citizens. If we establish an adversarial relationship between them and society (especially the police) now, it will carry on through their adulthood.

  3. fourthandeye

    Thanks for your comments. I see both sides of the coin. I lean towards the side that believes this is a serious problem that needs addressing. But I can also recall that I did some public shenanigans back in my teen years

    The stories in GP are escalated past anything we would have done as teens. Back in the day drive by moonings or startling pedestrians with fog horns were more the style than attempting to intimidate verbally or physically.

  4. Cozmot

    First, kudos for an excellent recap of the meeting!

    I agree that this is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. This was the largest DNA ever, with standing room only. People living in the neighborhood don’t feel safe with this new development, many avoid 7th Street entirely (I do) and businesses are losing money. We’re all already having problems with property values and don’t need this.

    Fortunately, the mayor and our city councilmen get it. Fenty said more than once that this is unacceptable and would not be allowed to continue. I believe him; a lot is at stake.

    Finally, kudos to Miles Groves and the DNA. This is a community organization that got results. DNA got the mayor, three city councilmen, top police officials, the top fire official, DCRA and others together to address the community.

    Looking at the DNA web site (dcdna.org, then “About”), I see that only 13 condo buildings are members. If this doesn’t convince hold-outs to join, shame on them. They’re getting great benefits like this so should show their support.