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  1. Anonymous

    great post! i’ve been a couple times and i think it’s really cool that spike mendelsohn is there in the mix of things. i saw him hanging out with his girlfriend in between shifts. not that i was “star struck,” but they’re really a cool, funky, “adorable” (as my mother said) addition to the nabe. my food was very good, i loved every bite. next time try the colettie bacon burger and also the marshmellow shake. unlike you, i had an issue with the music, it felt dated. any way, see you around town and bon appetite.

  2. Anonymous

    This place was so full of itself at its opening that I can not ever go back.

    Didn’t even get to eat there because “Chef Spike” kept closing the joint to do press. He is a second hand celebrity. He should be focusing on serving the people that will keep him afloat after his 15 minutes were over.

  3. Cozmot

    Fourthandeye, fantastic posting! Informative and funny, especially the Led Zepellin part! If not for this I probably wouldn’t have bothered going there, even if I had heard of it elsewhere. @16:00 is a little off base. It’s important to get as much exposure as possible when opening an establishment like this. There’s a lot of competition out there. I can’t wait to go there.

  4. fourthandeye

    I’m glad people found the post humorous. I was inspired to write a little more creatively for this one. It’s something I’d like to do more often when the blog grows to having more contributors to spread across the time commitment it takes to provide daily content.

    I should say that can eat at Good Stuff for around $10 or 11 dollars. However would require forgoing the $4.95 shake which was the best part of the experience.