2 Responses to “WBJ: Neil Albert keeps the RFPs coming, but can he deliver?”


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  1. Anonymous

    And so it begins. We are now turning to the wealth of other nations to finance our own construction projects. This is wealth the US more than likely helped generate by sending our hard earned dollars overseas in the form of petrodollars (depending on the country of course).

  2. Cozmot

    Albert has actually done something, whereas the National Capital Revitalization Corp. and the Anacostia Waterfront Corp. were failures that just wasted tax dollars. Albert has issued 15 RFPs and selected partners for eight projects. He’s already delivered. If any of the developers fail to move forward because of funding problems, this will be due to deteriorating conditions in our economy, not anything on Albert’s part.

    Deputy Mayor Albert and Mayor Fenty for selecting him deserve nothing but kudos for breaking down the old bureaucratic walls that hindered this kind of progress.