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  1. Anonymous

    would this be as much of a concern if these kids were white?

  2. Anonymous Coward

    *turns red in post*
    *reconsiders vote for Obama*

  3. Anonymous

    Of course it would still be an issue if the kids were white. There are fights and hostility every weekend. Several weeks ago there was a stabbing at Chipotle. Do you think MPD increases presence at Gallery Place on weekends based on kids skin tone? No, it’s because of how the kids behave.

  4. Anonymous

    What does voting for Obama have to do with the teenagers who hang around Gallery Place?

  5. Anonymous

    Please, its not about the color of the young people. Its their conduct..crowding the sidewalks, daring adult couples to move,showing off for their loud friends,lots of profanity, looking for confrontations..and I’m a black adult. Please keep the 21 and under clubs out of gallery place!

  6. Anonymous

    Quit hiding behind the question of what is their skin color. If any kid, regardless of their skin color, was engaging in this activity there should be action taken to rid the streets of it. I have avoided this area recently due to these teenagers. Changing the curfew in the downtown core is a great idea.

  7. Emily

    I saw the hordes last Thursday night around 11. It was insanity! All the high pitched screaming, singing, dancing…

    Oh wait, those were the 20 and 30 somethings coming out of the New Kids on the Block concert. My bad.

  8. Anonymous

    There’s a Krav Maga training center on H St., between 6th and 7th. One of these days these little thugs are going to assault the wrong person…

  9. Mr. Q

    It’s in the city’s best interest to get a handle on this NOW…nothing will kill this area quicker than gangs of loud kids and aggressive pandhandlers…and clean the freakin’ sidewalks while you’re at it…they’re disgusting!

  10. si

    amen on the foul sidewalks, mr q.! the minefield of spitballs is double nasty.

  11. Anonymous

    Calling people racists is an example of lazy thinking. I don’t get these parents who just let their children hang out unsupervised anywhere in the city. And what is with having a nightclub for children? The 7th Street sidewalks are not large enough for mobs of people to loiter and block the way for folks trying to get around the area.

  12. Anonymous

    This only happens here because despite all the progress we’ve made in the District, we have lame government.

    There are no laws against groups loitering and congregating, despite the public nuisance.

    There are laws that allow obnoxious racist groups and bellicose preachers to bellow out their stupidity and hatred on PA systems.

    There are laws that allow anyone to walk around with a megaphone — in front of any building, commercial or residential — and disturb people.

    There are laws that allow anybody to pound drums, containers or anything that creates harsh, disturbing sounds on our public streets.

    This is called “freedom of expression” in the District.

    So it should be of no surprise that teen nightclubs are allowed. Why the Hell anyone thinks a teen nightclub is a good idea defies logic.

    The Clarendon-Wilson corridor in Virginia was just named to the top 10 list of “Great Streets in America” by the American Planning Association. If you’ve lived here any length of time, you’ll remember how depressed that area used to be.

    Why wasn’t 7th Street awarded this honor by the AFP? Because the District does not know how to protect its urban treasures. I’ve watched 7th Street change from seedy and dangerous, to chic and vibrant to this now. No doubt the AFP spent a little time on 7th Street.

    This will never happen to Clarendon — even though there are gangs in Arlington — because the government knows how important it is to protect private and public investments. Arlington knows how to protect the property values of people who bought condos in that neighborhood, It will not happen in Ballston, it will not happen at Tysons, it will not happen in any other area outside of the District.

    The District has spent countless millions of dollars in taxpayer money in TIFs. However, when the businesses they helped develop lose money and possibly go out of business, our money will not be recovered. Nor will the property values of our condos.

    This is a shame and a disgrace. This kind of clumsy and negligent government is exactly why the District has fallen into federal receivership so many times.

    We do not deserve a representative in Congress until we can show that our city government can responsibly govern. It has not proven it yet.

  13. fourthandeye

    @Anon 19:56 – you make some good points. We need these businesses to succeed to 1) recover TIF financing 2) protect the jobs these businesses created 3) respect the private investments that have been made as this influences future investment.