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  1. Tom A

    What specifically has Mr Silver accomplished for the SMD in his four years of service? The biography mentions a proven track record but fails to list any specific ANC achievements.

  2. I’d say Commissioner Silver’s strong suit is good old fashioned protesting. recent issues that come to mind include stopping a developer from cutting down a very old tree, the 5th & Eye lot mess, and enforcement of first source agreements (hiring DC workers for development projects.)
    This is not an endorsement and truthfully I have not met his challenger yet, looking forward to it. Anyone interested in this election will have the opportunity to check out both candidates on 2 occasions: Tomorrow at DNA, and next Tuesday at MVSNA.
    DNA forum info: http://www.mvtriangleblog.com/?p=2112
    MVSNA will be at Yale, 437 NY Ave, Oct 19th, 7:30pm