8 Responses to “Dumont Update – Eye Street Facing”


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  1. Anonymous

    But will this building go apartment? I’ve heard (albeit from dubious sources) that the Dumont is “dead.”

  2. fourthandeye

    The DuMont is comprised of an East and West building. I’ve heard rumor that one building is going apartments but I haven’t been following it too closely. District Chatter has the most first hand coverage of the DuMont.

  3. Anonymous

    The stairs are not what I expected.

    I expected something black. I like the wavy rails, but not the stairs.

  4. Anonymous

    They probably don’t have the money to paint them black LOL ;)

  5. fourthandeye

    I think the stairs would look better with a darker color such as black or a charcoal grey. Presently, with that aluminum foil-esque color, the stairs look like they ought to be connected to bleachers not residences. They do not mesh with the surroundings and detract from the building. Maybe there is still chance they paint them…

  6. mediocre bad guy

    They will be painted to match the rest of the building. Rest Assured.

  7. fourthandeye

    Would it not have made sense to paint the stairs pre-installation if they were definitely going to paint them?

  8. fourthandeye

    The stairs and railings had a white primer coat when I walked past today.