3 Responses to “Fire at Museum Square”


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  1. Anonymous

    Wasn’t there a big fire there earlier this year, too? What a dump . . . this place needs to go.

  2. si

    I fear someone is trying to burn this place down, ther have been too many fires.

    It doesnt need to go, people live there. It needs to be properly maintained, secured and not neglected

  3. fourthandeye

    Museum Square has it’s issues and is a polarizing topic. Some think it’s an eye sore and it should be leveled. Others subscribe to the axiom “they were here first” and that no one else has a right to be critical. I don’t fall on either end of that spectrum.

    Calling a place that is home to many low income seniors a “dump” isn’t very constructive. While it may never be an attractive piece of the community it should be capable of coexisting in the community. However that’s a two way street. New residents need more tolerance but Museum Square needs more vigilance in maintaining the property, calling 911 when illegal activity is occurring, and evicting any bad apples they might have. It’s hard for the surrounding community to embrace this building if the only face it shows is a penchant for is neglect.