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  1. Shaw Rez

    Why isn’t Yale Steam Laundry in your new-resident calculation?

    I think fostering the arts is one key to becoming something cool and different. Providing for affordable artist housing/studio space would do a lot. It would be amazing if a theater or two would open up; the loss of Warehouse Arts Complex is very sad for the area’s individuality/quirkiness.

    I also think neat restaurants are key. I don’t know how to attract specifically non-chain restaurants. A full-on Johnston and Whales type culinary school would be amazing (but that’s obviously dreaming big…).

  2. mediocre bad guy

    yikes I can’t believe I forgot about them. Have they started moving in yet?

  3. Madrigal Blogs

    I just saw (for the first time that I’ve notices, at least), a sign on Mass Ave westbound at the intersection of 5th advertizing Yale Steam Laundry units available for delivery–this, right next to the sign for Madrigal Lofts that has been up for for the past several weeks. I don’t know if this was a Presidents’ Day promotional push (I know that Madrigal Lofts had some bonus incentives this past weekend), or if it’s a more permament advertizing presence.