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  1. fourthandeye

    Here’s an anecdote about safety that I couldn’t work into the main posting:
    On Monday night I walked over to City Vista at about 11:45pm to take a few more pictures of the empty retail bays for the blog. I figured the loiterers would leave me alone if I kept my distance. Nope, one sprinted over to try to sell me drugs while his buddy seemed to be taking a wide circular path to approach at me from my blind side (creepy). I said no thanks and walked away then he sprinted over to me 20 seconds later to beg for money. I won’t be taking one of these midnight strolls again anytime soon.

  2. Anonymous

    Where will the retail be in the dumont building?

  3. Anonymous

    One thing I would like to see is something like a Cactus Cantina-type mexican restaurant. Something that’s not super spendy (like Rosa Mexicana or Oyamel) but still a tasty tex-mex restaurant. Perhaps on the model of La Loma on Capitol Hill (before they expanded to include the next door building)?

  4. fourthandeye

    @Anon 10:10 – DuMont appears to have only one small retail space at the corner of 4th & Mass. From the outside looking in the space doesn't appear to even be 900 sf. I doubt it could support much more than a small coffee shop. That would be a nice convenience for the neighborhood but it doesn't have the impact factor of City Vista or even 455 Mass.

  5. Anonymous

    Cactus Cantina would be perfect. I think a Lauriol/CC clone would be perfect for the Penzance building. Or, pretty much any large retail space that needs a destination/anchor establishment (like the upcoming Riverfront retail pavilion)

  6. fourthandeye

    @Anon 10:54 – I think a Lauriol Plaza clone would rake in dough at 455 Mass. It’s a great high visibility location with an expansive patio. The available City Vista spaces can support a few outdoor tables but probably not enough for a Lauriol Plaza type ambiance to be cloned.

    Penzance feels strongly that their office building at 455 Mass must have a “white table cloth” restaurant on site as potential tenants, such as law firms, require immediate proximity to fine dining. They came close to a deal with Lawry’s Prime Rib and will continue to seek a restaurant tenant of the same ilk.

    In the end with Penzance focusing on ritz and City Vista geared towards neighborhood serving we should end up with a good healthy mix.

  7. Tim

    i’m betting one of the spaces goes to a bank. another to a dry cleaners.

    another late night restaurant would be nice. i think it can be worked in too, if the right owners come along.

  8. fourthandeye

    Tim – The Safeway has a Bergmann’s cleaners and Chevy Chase bank has already started build out on their location between the Safeway main entrance and 5th Street Hardware. So those types of amenities are already in place. Hopefully the unfilled bays we’re discussing don’t go to redundant businesses.

  9. Anonymous

    I’m with fourthandeye; a Lauriol Plaza would be a destination for hundreds and would rake in the dough.