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  1. Sk

    Having Vida here would be amazing! I would join today.

  2. Melissa

    I am unfamiliar with Vida. I get my hair cut at Bang; so, I have been near the gym, but have not used it. It always seemed kind of loud (not because of voices, but dance music) and crowded.

    As for what I’d like to see them do with the space, first and foremost I’d like them to keep the neighborhood gym feel – please don’t make this place super-flashy or, for lack of a better word, pimped out. And please don’t remove the jacuzzi tub – it’s very nice for stretching. Really, I’d keep a lot as it is. Would be great if you can retain a bunch of the current Results staff, too. The people are so friendly and down-to-earth.

    As for ideas of what to change:

    (1) I’d like to see the cardio equipment put in the areas that are under the ceiling fans (or just add more ceiling fans – especially in the corner that overlooks Busboys because that is soooo hot). Right now, ceiling fans are only over the free weights and weight machines, which has always seemed odd to me.

    (2) Also, right now, only two treadmills face into the gym, while lots of ellipticals face that way. It would be nice to have a few more treadmills facing in. I personally find it more interesting to see what’s going on in the gym when I run.

    (3) Also, a few thoughts about classes: maybe try to add some more evening classes – like in the 8:00 slot. Add another kind of yoga instead of only vinyasa. A zumba class or other type of dance class would be neat. And it would be good to make more classes available on-demand so that some people can practice on their own outside of class – this would be especially helpful for step or dance classes.


  3. I think the gym’s reception desk should be at ground level near the entrance on K. I don’t like how Results set up that entry level to be a dead zone. The new tenant should enliven it somehow (maybe Bang could squeeze in that space; seems too small though).

  4. FourthandEye

    @shaw rez – My understanding is that the Ground Level will be reconfigured by the landlord. Some of that area will likely be absorbed by the vacant restaurant space on K Street. Mandu is moving next to Kushi but was never taking all the remaining K Street space. There may end up being a Pizza joint or another fast casual concept between Mandu and the gym.

  5. adam k

    FourthandEye: do your sources have any sense of a timeline as to when a gym would/could come into the space, particularly if it is reconfigured?

  6. Melissa

    Good to know about the entrance area – that was always a bit odd.

    A pizza place would be great – would love a “We the Pizza” in there. Or maybe a “Sweet Green” salad place. There are lots of neat little businesses like that in southeast Capitol Hill. And in Cleveland Park. Would be nice to have something like that – unique, good quality, and not a big chain. And if not a little take-out place like one of these, then a gastro-pub or wine bar would be *fantastic*.

  7. DCer

    I agree with Melissa about the noise. Vida’s business model is to blast high-energetic music throughout the gym to get you pumped up (a manager at the Verizon Center location explained this to me once when I asked that the volume be turned down a bit). Never mind that most people in the gym have MP3 players (hello Vida: this isn’t 1990 anymore) and prefer their own music. Even turning up the volume on your MP3 is not enough to drown out Vida’s choice of music. I like to listen to audio books when I work out, but fuggedaboutit at Vida. For me, this is what makes the difference between Vida being a great place and just another run-of-the-mill gym. They want to define your workout experience, not the other way around.

  8. adam k

    Went to Results for the last time this morning. The class instructor, for what it’s worth, passed along the rumor that another company, either Vida or WSC, will have a gym operating in that location as soon as October 1.

  9. KimFromTheK

    Perhaps they could include a nail salon in a portion of the space (Bang on U Street has nail services, right?)…?

  10. Alex

    I guess I should start reading this blog from the top down, but you can see the last two posts for my comments.