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  1. I’m so encouraged by the civic participation! We should have some interesting races in both 2C and 6C this year.

  2. it takes a lot of time to be an ANC commissioner and it’s great to see people stepping up to community involvement. democracy is a full participation sport.

  3. FourthandEye

    The Frozentropics blog has posted the names and contact information for individuals circulating nomination petitions in 5B, 6A and 6C.

    Of particular note to residents in and near the Triangle are:

    6C 6C01 (Most of MVT)
    Marge Maceda
    475 K Street, NW #802 20001
    360-7404 8/9/2010 marge.maceda1[at]gmail.com

    Keith Silver (incumbent)
    901 New Jersey Avenue, NW #410 20001
    705-7389 8/6/2010 silverk1[at]ymail.com

    6C 6C02 (North edge of MVT plus Truxton Circle)
    Mark A. Dixon (incumbent)
    80 New York Avenue, NW 20001
    438-2228 8/5/2010 mdixon402[at]hotmail.com

    Joshua Kumpf
    203 Morgan Street, NW 20001
    455-8673 8/4/2010 josh[at]votekumpf.com

    Rob Amos
    206 N Street, NW 20001
    494-5839 8/11/2010 robamos[at]yahoo.com

    6C 6C09 (PQ/Chinatown mostly east of 6th or below E)
    Kevin Wilsey
    425 8th Street, NW 20004 669-5184 8/6/2010

    6C09 Incumbent Charley Docter has not filed as of yet.