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  1. Bruce

    I didn’t even know there were eight restaurants in the Triangle, so I went over to the MVTCID’s website to see if I could find a list. I assume that this is the list of restaurants that will be featured:


    I was surprised to see that the gentleman’s establishment across from CityVista will be featured at a community event, but there you go.

  2. FourthandEye

    I don’t have the official list. That will be forthcoming at some point soon I imagine. But I think you can safely say Louis Rogue is not part of the event.

    My unofficial speculation on the 8:
    Akosombo, Busboys, Kushi, Mandu, Taylor, Henry’s, Papa John’s, Buddha Bar

    So the big difference is Mandu is not yet open for business (and therefore not on the link you provided) but will be participating.

  3. I am so doing this! A couple years ago I volunteered for Taste of Shaw and it was really a great experience, highly recommend:)