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  1. Anonymous

    I’m actually having tingles. And the fact that the city awarded the plot to the developer that the community wanted restores my faith in the city’s process. I was worried that political, under the table dealings would override the community’s wishes, but today I have a wonderful feeling about the city government and especially Mayor Fenty’s leadership. Cheers to The Arts at 5TH and Eye!

  2. DG-rad

    this is great. i think their proposal was best, and I am happy to see the WSD properties to the east not incorporated. the diversity on the block will be better than a mega-building..

  3. Anonymous

    Amazing- I totally reverse jinxed it yesterday by saying JBG would win (although I really thought they would).

  4. Anonymous

    I am so unbelievably happy!! This plot is directly across the street from my living room window and I am relieved to know that Donohoe/Holland won the competition! They really listed to the community and I think the city appreciated that. I know that I did!

  5. Anonymous

    It is the view from my condo as well. What really makes me happy about this choice is that it puts something unique in our neighborhood and will help establish an identity that will be more than the “anywhere-USA” we might have gotten with some of the other proposals. Congratulations Donohoe/Holland on your win. The sound of construction will be the sound of music for us.

  6. Kimberly

    I am so excited about this new addition to the neighborhood! My husband and I stayed at the ME in Cancun and loved the funky/trendy vibe and great service we got. Can’t wait to show off this area to friends who come and visit!
    Any idea of when they might break ground? The sooner the better!

  7. fourthandeye

    @Kimberly – DCMud quoted 18 months to break ground. Then of course building a project of this magnitude takes years. Patience is a big part of real estate i guess. But I’d still hope for a ground breaking to move a little quicker than that…

  8. si

    the word is @ 18 months (check mvsna blog.) the financing package will require council approval and then time for the permitting and final design.

    i’m so glad I’m not the only one who loves the sweet music of construction. We got woken up every morn at 7am by the ping of City Vista’s pylons being driven into the earth and it started each day with a big smile.

  9. pqresident

    very cool! another piece of the puzzle snaps into place.

  10. DCRay

    This news and the letter stating the McWilliams Ballard is no longer working for the Dumont Condos are the best things that have happened all day! Woo Hoo!!!

  11. Anonymous

    Bad news for the WSD site to the right. Too small to build on that alone. Are they in business? I heard they are TKO

  12. mediocre bad guy


  13. fourthandeye

    @Anon 17:48

    Back on May 8th it was rumored that WSD sold their property to JBG.

    I don’t think the sites are too small to build on as you suggest. The complication is the site has historic buildings. Preserving elements of those incurs extra costs. Those costs are easier to absorb when spread over a larger project. Perhaps JBG is better equipped to absorb those extra costs – or perhaps they will land bank until the real estate climate is back on the upswing? I don’t know…

  14. Anonymous

    What is WSD?

  15. fourthandeye

    WSD = Walnut Street Development