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  1. si

    pins n needles!

  2. Anonymous

    I bet it’s JBG. They are in with the DC gov, and acquired those nearby parcels for a reason…

    That said, I’m hoping it’s Donahoe

  3. si

    if they pick JBG we should protest. loudly. i dont know anyone who liked their proposal!

  4. fourthandeye

    There will certainly be a big rant on this blog tomorrow if JBG is named. The JBG proposal totally lacked specificity and was the only finalist that did not disclose planned hotel or retail partners. The rendering is an ugly abomination.

  5. Anonymous

    If it is JBG I will definitely protest! They gave a horrible presentation and do not stand by their commitments.

  6. si

    i’ll try to make it, oh! so exciting!

  7. Anonymous

    JBG is caca! Those losers should not get any city business!