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  1. i say it again…sounds country!

  2. John Thompson

    Thank GOD Lowe is leaving – City Vista residents have been looking forwawrd to this day for a long time. The Kettler team at City Vista has been horrible since day 1 with regard to the curb appeal of City Vista. They are the ones that have been responsible for maintaining (or in their case, NOT maintaining) the perimeter of the property. They might have leased units, but they truly slacked off in some of their other responsibilities.

    Gables has some terrific properties and they keep them up very well. The Gables in Dupont has looked great ever since they went up, I’m hopeful that they’ll do a terrific job at City Vista, not just for the apartment building but in their responsibilities to the overall complex as well.

    A big welcome to Gables, Lowe & Kettler – don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.