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  1. John Thompson

    After pushing for this location for over a year, I think we may want to push for 1 or 2 additional stations in the Triangle. With the new Yale apartment building, Guy Steuart’s new building on L St., 425′s track record for leasing units and all the residents in the existing buildings, we have a LOT of people living in & around the Triangle.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a couple more stations in the Triangle?

    I thought 4th & Mass would be a great spot, so would 5th & Mass as well as 5th & NY Ave.

    I’d really like to see more stations in the Triangle, I think they’d be well utilized and demonstrate that our residents are big on bikes. :)

    Thoughts? Suggestions?


  2. Jason

    I think one station is appropriate for now. We have a growing residential base as you cite JT, but many of our residents who are inclined to biking already own bikes.

  3. I agree, this is a great start but saturation is also key to it’s success. An additional location or two that can serve residents, workers and visitors would be fantastic. We do have a busy hotel ..I used a bikeshare overseas recently and it was just so enjoyable and convenient. The stations were EVERYWHERE about every 4 blocks & I could easily get a day pass with a credit card. I look forward to using this new bikeshare with my visitors.

  4. John Thompson

    I think with 3,313 condo & apartment units* in the Triangle alone (many of which are occupied by more than 1 resident), there’s a demand for more than 1 station with 10 bikes – not to mention all the rowhome residents just across NY Ave on 5th, M & 4th Streets… :)

    *this includes the 608 units to be delivered within the next 18 mos. by the 2 new NY Ave buildings.