3 Responses to “Safeway: How much did you save?”


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  1. Anonymous

    One hour free parking? Are they kidding? Don’t count on me to do my serious shopping there then.

  2. PQS

    This was the first weekend since I’ve lived in the city (almost 2 years) that I didn’t get in my car. All thanks to Safeway. I took advantage of the free canvas bags they were handing out at Arts on Foot and did all of my shopping. We even went both days b/c we were so excited and saved 40%+ each time. WE LOVE IT!

  3. Howard

    We went there yesterday. Between the shelf sales, the club card savings and the coupons they mailed us, we saved about 47%. That’s right. We spent about $160 and only paid $80 something. Best. Deal. Ever. And you may be tempted to say that most stores overcharge and then give you a “discount” but we definitely got our money’s worth.