6 Responses to “WCP: Ruckus Saves Tree at 4th and Eye”


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  1. FourthandEye

    The gentlemen wearing light blue in the top photo is Walter E. Fauntroy. He served in Congress from 1971 to 1991 in the seat currently occupied by Elenor Holmes Norton.

  2. Steven

    Glad the tree was saved! However, will the CID and/or developer make sure the true survives any damage it may have sustained during construction?

    A commenter in the previous entry about this tree mentioned that it might need some help:

  3. Sam Farmer

    Good to hear.

    But doesn’t putting duct tape on a tree hurt the bark and the tree?

  4. Thanks for the coverage of this event and for Keith Silver for his hard work!

  5. Milton Hillman

    Really appreciate you infoming me and other family members
    the task that you take everyday. We get so busy with our
    lives that we miss events, topics, that are not covered by
    the local tv networks, or the newspaper. We see and appreciate
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  6. FourthandEye

    The Washingtonpost’s Hamil Harris wrote a recap of the issue. There is definitely an opinion out there that the tree is dying. It’s great that commissioner Silver persuaded Paramount to keep the tree but what steps will be taken to ensure it’s health? This segment of Eye Street had four mature trees that were all healthy (I’ve confirmed this via year old imagery from Google Street View). Paramount cut down three of them with no fanfare. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for them to actually care for the one tree they had to keep.