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  1. what do they need more curb cuts on L street for? there are already some there. bad, bad, bad idea for walkability.

  2. Seth

    For those interested in Buddha Bar issues, I went to the ANC Transportation Committee meeting yesterday. Nobody else showed up except a Buddha Bar rep. Based on concerns I presented, the bar voluntarily agreed to limit their proposed outdoor seating in several ways, including shutting it down completely during the weekdays at 11pm instead of their original plan of having a last seating at midnight. The seating was also limited to 76 instead of 90 (which still makes them the largest patio in the city), umbrellas to dampen noise are mandatory, and the planned outdoor hostess stand is scrapped.

    I certainly appreciate their willingness to bend on some issues; however, the valet issues were brought up but nothing was resolved. I understand from an employee at the Meridian Apts. that Buddha Bar management has been receiving a lot of complaints about the valet and traffic caused on Mass. Ave because of it. For those who have concerns, I urge you to come to the meeting tomorrow and voice all concerns as well as to contact the ANC members directly, the Dep’t of Transportation and the ABC Board. It only takes a few minutes to copy an email to everyone. Complaining to the bar itself is good, but they are not going to voluntarily tell the regulatory bodies about the complaints they have been receiving. They certainly didn’t say anything about any complaints last night.

  3. Concerned

    Do you know what time they patio will be open to on weekends? 3AM?

    I was sad to see that the valet stand on Mass is back in action today.

  4. Seth

    1 am on weekends is the current plan as of their voluntary agreement made last year with the city. That wasn’t changed after yesterday’s meeting. As I said, I would recommend addressing concerns to the ANC and everyone else. Charley Docter at charleydocter@yahoo.com is on the ANC and was helpful in providing info to me.

  5. John Thompson

    @ IMGoph:

    New curb cuts are needed on L St for the new apartment building that is soon to start construction.

  6. john: like i said, there are curb cuts there already. why do they need more? is it a matter of location? if they need to be moved, can they get rid of some of those already existing?

  7. Anonymous

    @Seth – You may want to email your contact with the ANC 6C Transportation committee the recap this blog did of the DNA forum Buddha Bar owner Eran Gorev conducted with the community last March in the 400 Mass building.


    In that meeting Gorev stated that the valet, parking and loading would be on Eye Street. That’s a promise he made to the community.

    I’m not one of those people who’s going to say people need to take metro to dinner at a destination restaurant. However you can’t run valet out of the travel lane of a major avenue. That wreaks havoc on auto traffic and the DC Circulator. Valet needs to be moved to Eye Street. Let Buddha Bar apply to have a section of curb space in the parking lane on Eye street be designated for their valet’s to use during certain hours. We can sacrifice a few parking spaces on Eye but Buddha Bar should not be permitted to continue to abuse the Mass Ave travel lane.

  8. Seth

    I have passed this thread and a couple others on to the ANC members. Hopefully they will take notice. I wish I had seen about the promises made about Eye St. earlier as Mr. Gorev did reach out to me on Saturday to discuss this issue and it came up again Monday at the ANC meeting.

    Especially given that I wasn’t at that meeting last year (since Meridian wasn’t invited), the promises made at that time would best be communicated at tonight’s meeting by some other people that were present at that time. It would also be helpful if people showed so that the Commission can see it is not just one person who is having issues with the bar.

  9. Seth

    Sorry for the late update but there is an ANC 6 meeting tonight at 7pm at 214 Mass Ave. NE where issues relating to Buddha Bar will be addressed. I suggest if anyone has issues relating to noise, valet stand, etc. to show up or at a minimum contact ANC members Charley Docter and Keith Silver to lodge a complaint. I would also suggest contacting the Department of Public Works, the ABRA Board (alcohol regulation) and the Metro Police Department with any complaints. It is really now or never to get involved as the same issues regarding outdoor seating and valet parking are currently being addressed with the Engine Six Bar coming soon right across the street at 400 Mass.

    FYI, from my understanding and from documents I received after the fact, Buddha Bar was illegally operating its valet stand for the first couple months of business without paying any rent to DC. They first submitted an application to the public space committee in early June for a permit. Neither the bar owner, their Counsel, or the Public Space Committee itself informed the ANC of the application; therefore it was not formally addressed at last month’s meeting. Based on that, the Public Space Committee granted the permit despite the ANC’s request for a continuance so that they could provide their position on the matter. Dirty pool if you ask me, but the permit needs to be renewed every year…