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  1. Jeremy

    Thank goodness it will be an American Bistro. The new Asian restaurants nearby are great but we needed some diversity.

  2. Tony

    Yay!!!! You mean I’ll be able to go out for pancakes in the neighborhood!?! Love ya Busboys, but a buckwheat pancake is not going in my mouth…EVER! LOL!

  3. Finally! This space looks great, it’s about time a business opens in there (and not a gym. It is me or is every other empty fire station in the neighbourhood turned into a gym?)

  4. it was only a matter of time. guess I’ll have to open that wine bar somewhere else!

  5. Tony

    @pqresident – You should open it directly across the street where Ledo Pizza was never gonna be. : )

  6. @Tony – that’s where the beach volleyball court was going to go. chilled Sauvignon Blanc and cheese would have gone great with the Massachusetts Avenue Beach Open.