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  1. SG

    Good news re: the old Firestation space!

    License No.: ABRA-084584
    Licensee: Engine 6, LLC
    Trade Name: Sixth Engine
    License Class: Retail Class “C” Tavern
    Address: 400-438 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
    Contact: Stephen J. O’Brien, Esq. 202-625-7700
    WARD 6 ANC 6C SMD 6C09

    New Tavern, American Bistro with full entrée menu serving breakfast, lunch and dinner;
    recorded music, no entertainment no dancing. Seating capacity is 270 and total occupancy load is 350. Sidewalk Café with 64 seats.

    This sounds great- thank god that space is finally being put to use. It will make the street more interesting and vibrant.