5 Responses to “Shooting in Chinatown at 6th & H”


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  1. FP

    i saw a fight about a week ago right on H st between 6th and 5th. it seems preplanned. i wonder if there’s some ongoing rivalry going on.

  2. SFer

    What happened to the increased police presence at the 7th and H St. metro that seemed to occur with some regularity this past fall? It really seemed to disperse the crowds of teenagers and make the neighborhood a little calmer.

  3. TY

    Sad to say, but the police don’t do anything or maintain their presence, because they don’t want to, which leads me to believe that they likewise, don’t give a ‘you know what!’ I JUST walked by 7th & H and it was like a loiterer’s convention. I just don’t get it!

  4. David

    Last Friday night there were about 50 teens hanging around the 7th and H metro entrance without a single cop in sight. Instead walking south on 7th we saw about a dozen cops across from the Rosa Mexicana, with one guy holding a very large gun… I wish they had a presence where it was needed rather than protecting those eating fresh guac.

  5. SFer

    To David’s comment–I see that all the time: cops gathered in groups of 4 or 5 a safe distance from the trouble. One night, after having been yelled at by some teens at the metro, I walked by a bunch of them valiantly guarding the park at 5th and Mass and asked why they didn’t position themselves where all the teens were. They just stared at me blankly. Glad I pay taxes!