3 Responses to “WBJ reports on Jemal development today”


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  1. Nathan

    Ugh, you really want a House of Blues? I hope there are more local and independent businesses instead of generic chain stores going into that development. Live Nation is like the Walmart of the nightclub industry and will only bring acts that have been approved by those living in Los Angeles. Anyways, the community already said they don’t want a nightclub in the area.

  2. fourthandeye

    @nathan – I don’t necessarily want a House of Blues per se. What I do want is some sort of major entertainment anchor in the Square 451 development. That’s the only Square that is isolated from other current or planned residential projects. The neighborhood needs more than a papa johns, gym, grocery store, churches and 3000 condo units to be vibrant with active streets.

    I’d be happy if Hurwitz opened a venue in the location rather than Live Nation. But it is good news that Live Nation is still interested. The D.C. music scene needs to grow. Interest from national companies may give our local music venues the kick in the pants they need to expand and fill the void. Otherwise they can remain comfortable and stick with the status quo. I do think Live Nation needs pay there own way and not be subsidized.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m really excited about the Safeway to improve my quality of life now. But I agree. In 5-7 years having a condo next to a new grocer won’t be all that special. Other communities are on the verge of adding Harris Teeters, Whole Foods and Yes Organic markets.