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  1. Chris in Eckington

    A Jillian’s was supposed to go into Gallery Place, but was replaced by Strike when Jillian’s filed for bankruptcy protection.

  2. fourthandeye


    thanks for the tip. I’ve googled that and found a WBJ article about it. You're right and it uncovers that D&B couldn't take the space Jillians pulled out of because their lease at White Flint prevents them from opening another location this close. Other metro areas like Denver, Atlanta, etc have more than one D&B so I didn't think it would be prohibitive to have two. But I had no idea about the White Flint lease… Dave and Buster's now owns many Jillians. That wasn't the case when the WBJ article was written. I wonder if they could skirt the White Flint lease issue by opening a new venue as a Jillians?

  3. Justin

    I think DC could support many more rooftop bars/ restaurants. Capitol and Monument views? Especially at night it has a very cosmopolitan feel.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s all nice and straight, but what about the Eagle? No place for it?