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  1. Anonymous

    Competition is good. Many cities have tons of music venues. The DC area market could easily support more. I say give Hurwitz a crack at a proposal, and if he can’t match what House of Blues can offer, then it’s too bad.

  2. Nathan

    If you’ve been to one House of Blues you’ve been to them all. What makes Chinatown lame is the number of chain stores and the House of Blues will be no different.

    Plus Live Nation has a horrible track record with extorting tax dollars to build their venues, even though they are the world’s largest live music company and could easily afford to build their venues. Just look at what is happening in Silver Spring. DC doesn’t need a House of Blues.

    I agree with the anonymous commenter above and think that Hurwitz should be given a chance. He is successful because he consistently provides the best acts in the DC area.