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  1. Police Party Pooper

    Ugh! Every year this is a ROYAL nuissance and I’m sure it will be one again this year. Why do they have to have this in a now residential area? Also, 10pm is NOT when this police party ends each night. They’ve gone well past midnight, especially as the weekend approaches.

  2. Ugh!

    Get ready for drunks with guns to be stumbling around the neighborhood!

  3. 555er

    Last year it wasn’t bad. The only negative last year was the music being too loud and penetrating our condo windows.

  4. 400mass

    I would also note the late night “parades” of drunk policemen with bagpipes down H St. No condo windows will keep that noise out.

  5. Belle

    When I was living in the Mass Court they opened a market for the cops right outside my window. That year they were partying in the empty lot at 4th and H, and they went well past 2am every night. It was why I moved closer to PQ.

  6. Bruce

    It’s after 11:00 PM, I live a couple of blocks away from this, and my windows are vibrating from the booming base. Would it be stupid of me to call the cops and ask them to break this up?

  7. Bruce

    It’s now after midnight, the music is still ridiculously loud, and apparently I can’t spell the word “bass.”

  8. Scott

    Wow, its loud in my condo at Madrigal Lofts. Silly me… I actually called the police to ask how late their permit allows them to play loud 80s party music. I was told, “Sir, this is Police Week. The Major and Police Chief are part of this effort.”

    I responded, “So, they can make noise all night?”

    He answered, “Yes. If they have a permit, yes.”

    I fully support our police and the job they do to protect us each day, but I have to say that its frustrating to see them parking anywhere and everywhere, stumbling around my neighborhood wasted, and partying/drinking in the streets late at night. I saw a police bus blare its siren today at 9th and H for the sole purpose of making a left turn onto H street, leaving one car stuck in the middle of the intersection as the light changed. The bus then parked illegally on the side of H.

    I’m quite certain permits for this type of behavior are not issued to just anyone.

  9. Scott

    The music is affecting me as well… I meant to say “Mayor” not “Major.” But, I would agree that this is a MAJOR pain.

  10. 555er

    I take it back — this police week is starting to become a problem. The visiting officers are rolling through our crosswalks while pedestrians are crossing. And I saw a couple run their lights so they could cruise through a red light at an intersection. Not cool.

  11. Police Party Pooper

    Okay, everyone repeat after me….

    “Those rules don’t apply to us… just YOU people! Do as I say and not as I do or I’ll probably arrest you.”

  12. Bruce

    As a newcomer to DC, I’m amazed at how much ill will this has generated towards both the police and the mayor’s office. Good job, guys.