10 Responses to “Valet at Buddha Bar”


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  1. there are too many valet stands in town. people are being encouraged to drive with their proliferation. bars and restaurants need to encourage people to take the metro or bus and walk the block or so to get to their destination.

  2. John Thompson

    I completely agree! :)

  3. Tony

    What I find utterly hilarious is to watch the valets at Rosa Mexicano take a person’s $20 and their car and then park it 10 feet away at an available parking meter… all before the diners have even walked thru the front door of the restaurant. I’m sorry, but that is just DUMB, even if you have money to throw around. That’s 2 cocktails you just wasted! LOL!

  4. 555er

    If they locate on Eye Street, we need to make sure that they aren’t also going to use whistles to hail cabs for guests. All we need is to hear whistles all night. I had to deal with that in another PQ condo.

  5. tom veil

    I would replace the valet with a sign saying “you do know that there’s a giant surface lot around the corner, right?”

  6. jg

    Walking in front of the restaurant this evening at 10PM, there was an SUV parked in front of the valet station and blocking traffic. Granted, 10PM traffic on a Tuesday is not heavy, but I sincerely hope the valet station is not there permanently, or there could be some serious traffic backups.

  7. FP

    this weekend the valet was a complete disaster. they actually left some cars parked on mass ave, causing traffic to become a mess. this place basically turns into a club at night. cool and all, but its a real disruption to the neighborhood.

  8. FourthandEye

    @FP – I agree. I know many residents are excited about Buddha Bar. But if this was Papa Johns using a segment of travel lane on Mass Ave for their own parking I know residents would be pissed.

    Really the Valet should be on Eye Street near the entrance to the parking garage along the rear of this building.

  9. FP

    @FourthandEye — this might be worth bringing up at a neighborhood meeting or something. they should make every effort, now that they’re part of the community, to keep travel lanes clear.

  10. Seth

    The valet is a nightmare. Over the weekend there were cars that had to drive on the wrong side of the road because of the valet stand coupled with cabs dropping people off. Beyond that mess, everyone congregates on the patio and I can hear distinct conversations from my apartment. Last night on a Tuesday at 1 am I was woken up to this enjoyment and will be filing a complaint with the ANC, the ABC Board and DDOT regarding the valet stand. Moving the valet to I street would significantly reduce all these problems as that street has no traffic to speak of.