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  1. Tony

    I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve fallen into this useless hole on H Street. This very spot is also where the ‘bus people’ gather to block the sidwalk as they prepare for their cat-fights to secure a seat to NYC, but that’s another story… LOL!

    The 2nd location of Capitol Hemp just opened next door to Full Kee and I believe their front door is right in front of this hole atop the staircase pictured. Perhaps they will work with the BID to get this eyesore fixed.

  2. Bruce

    Thank you for raising this issue. I’ve never actually tripped on this site, but I walk by it once or twice a day and must often wait for people coming in the other direction to have cleared this narrow pathway before I can take my turn. As Tony noted, the area is also frequently choked with people waiting for the bus, which only makes it worse. On a number of occasions, I’ve had to walk into the street to get past this thing. I’m surprised no one’s been hit by a bus trying to do the same thing.

  3. Tom

    Ditto! I have tripped on the bricks or the utility cover several times. While I am a huge fan of street trees (I have participated in the Casey Tree plantings in the neighborhood), this tree box needs to go – or at least be relocated somewhere there aren’t any steps with easements protruding into the public space of the sidewalk.

  4. good idea. pass this along to the city on the service request website and let us know what kind of response you get!

  5. OctaviusIII

    Oh I agree. It’s ugly as sin, too.

  6. Claire

    This weekend I noticed that the tree box had been filled with wood chips. It’s a slight improvement but the shavings still don’t bring the box up to the level of the surounding sidewalk.

  7. It’s sort of like what they are doing with the North Central-Grand Arc right of way, but on a much smaller scale.

    Alas such is typical with our anti-urbanist criminal apostate shadow government.


  8. what?!? doug, you are certifiable.

  9. IMGopf-

    the description belongs to you, and other new urbainist sycophants who are so anti public right of way as to not protect such against bloated development pinching the BIKE PATH along the Metro Branch corridor with that Elevation 314 project that fails basic safety common sense for placing dwellings next to and lower than a heavy freight line.

    Likewise for the ‘asonic.

  10. you’re right doug, how could i be so foolish! i forgot all about the masons and how they control the world through their mind control ray. i need to go put my tinfoil hat back on (shiny side out!) so they can’t reach my brain!

  11. IMGopf-

    Masons not involved in D.C. planning?

    That’s a new one?

    Have you even tried googling the terms?

  12. Bruce

    They fixed it! I just passed this on the way home, and it’s all (well, except for that metal circle towards one end) bricked up now!

    Thanks to all those who made this happen.