4 Responses to “District Crossfit to Open May 3rd”


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  1. 555er

    I see these guys training folks in the little triangle park at 5th and Eye on the weekends. It is so great to see them out there especially since we’ve had such an increase in vagrancy at that park. It is good to see more active and healthy uses of our green space.

  2. JOHN

    Cool. Part of your crossfit workout can be not getting murdered to and from their new spot on NY Ave. Giddy up!

  3. Anonymous


    Uh… a person could get murdered ANYWHERE in this city, so here’s a quarter for your NEGATIVE comment.

  4. I love that block, you’ve got the leather boys & bears, the club girls in their booty short finery, the families & chick bachelorette parties off to Marrakesh…all congregating on the same stretch;)