2 Responses to “Rosslyn to showcase Temporary Urbanism”


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  1. Steven

    Very nice of Rosslyn to do this–a great space and some much-needed vibrancy in the concrete jungle! And that makes it all the more disappointing that we’re stuck with the parking lot (for now).

    Speaking of that–I saw the Washington Informer article you linked to last week that the 5th & I lot was stalled pending further discussion between the ANC and mayor’s office. Have you heard any updates on it?

  2. Keith

    That’s not Wilson at Fort Myer, it’s at Wilson between Lynn and Moore streets. Fort Myer Drive is 1 block west. I walk by this everyday and may avail myself of it while waiting for my wife after work. It’s nice to know that Arlington is thinking of the commuters using the Metro and buses across the street.