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  1. DCRay

    400 Mass put window washing on an indefinite hiatus until construction is complete at the Dumont. Once the Dumont’s sidewalk is complete, the dirt and dust should cease and we can have our windows glistening once again! Thankfully, we can open our windows inward to clean the outside portion, but only of the movable section. The little top portion of our windows has been collecting dirt for nearly three years now.

  2. si

    I love the sweet sound of those metal pylons being driven into the earth at 7am!

  3. fourthandeye

    @dcray – I think a tiny part of me died inside when I read the 3 years part of your response. I can handle the torn up streets, the early AM noise, etc… But the idea of just letting filth (dust, dirt, birdshit) pile on for years to my windows is depressing. Only the units with walk out balconies really have the ability to clean their own windows at Madrigal. I accept that the windows will never maintain glistening status as long as construction is ongoing around us. But I’m hoping it is possible to discern when the dustiest part of neighboring construction is complete and make atleast one intermediate cleaning rather than let it cake on for 3 years. Oh well, I’m at the mercy of the HOA on this one…

  4. PQS

    Fourthandeye: I would fight for it. It took a while at the Sonata, but when they did wash them, I was shocked at what a difference it made. While it makes sense, you don’t really appreciate it since they were dirty from the start. Also, make sure to wash the inside of the windows…I was also surprised at how much grime was on them.

    Don’t settle for “when the construction ends.” It’s never going to end in MVT. That’s like saying you won’t rake the leaves until fall is over. In the meantime you have to swim through leaves to get to your front door. Ok, bad analogy, but you get the point.