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  1. districtchatter.com

    We need one of these cameras at 4th and H w. People run that light 99% of the time. Watch it.

  2. pqresident

    don’t forget our beloved radar speed cameras too. there’s one on I-395 between NY Ave and the Mass Ave turnoff going both North and South.

    Speed Cameras in DC near PQ/MVT

  3. fourthandeye

    I don’t think the 4th and H intersection is unsafe right now and needs of one of these cameras. The city should only implement such tools where it absolutely necessary.

    However the intersection may become more of a mess in 2009 when 4th Street shifts to two way traffic.

  4. DCRay

    I have to agree with the District Chatter. Maybe it’s only a morning rush hour thing, but as someone who crosses H St heading south on 4th, I can’t remember the last time there hasn’t been at least one car that flies through the red light on H heading toward Chinatown. There was a day two weeks ago when two cars ran the red, then more than three seconds later, another flew through the red light. I and two other pedestrians were just stepping onto the street to cross. The driver’s window was down and I yelled at her, but I’m sure she didn’t pay attention. The other peds thanked me for saying something.

    This crossing is only going to get more pedestrian traffic when Madrigal is filled and the Dumont starts moving people in.

    A couple of the issues with that whole 4th, Mass and H St intersection is, the people are rushing to 395 to get on the road knowing the H St light is green for about 10 seconds eastbound, others run through the red light when crossing Mass heading toward Chinatown, and many of them are the people who apparently don’t know what a “NO LEFT TURN” sign means, and do it anyway at the H St breakaway for H St and 4th St. If you’ve ever heard excessive honking periodically throughout the day, it’s because a local lays on the horn behind a driver who doesn’t know how to read traffic signs and waits to make a left or a U-turn at those point on Mass Ave. There has to be something DDoT can do with the signage to make it more clear or something.

    Oh, and 99% of the time, the above occurrences happen while the driver is yapping away on his/her cell phone.

    Ok, this turned into a rant, but you get the idea!