3 Responses to “Y&H – Taylor Rolls Out New Pork Sandwiches Next Week”


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  1. Aaron Smolen

    Not sure what is so special about Taylor Gourment bread, personally I think it’s on the tough side…maybe it’s due to time of the day? I keep going there late at night and by then the bread is somewhat on the stale side?

  2. washingtonydc

    I like the dense, chewy bread–it has some structural integrity which is especially vital to sop up the delicious pork juice in these new pork sandwiches. AS softer bread would turn it into a soup sandwich.

  3. FourthandEye

    I’m with washingtonydc on this one. I can understand denser bread is not pleasing for everyone. But I do enjoy it and find it complements the hot sandwiches very well (meatball,pork,etc).