3 Responses to “Stakeholders discuss 5th and Eye parking lot fiasco at MVSNA Meeting”


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  1. Christopher

    Move the Liberty Market here

  2. FourthandEye

    @Christopher – The Liberty Market prefers to operate on Tuesdays. That day of the week would conflict with the parking operation. Also, I think the grounds of Mount Vernon Square are deemed a preferable location by the management of the Liberty Market. Closer to the office density and the lush grounds of a park are more inviting than fenced in asphalt.

    I believe any group that takes the bull by the horns with regards to programming this space needs to be realistic about the parcel’s appeal. Visiting a lot of fenced in asphalt is not how most people want to spend their outdoor time. There needs to be a real hook to attract people to overcome this aesthetic disadvantage.


  1. [...] ALSO—The Triangle, GGW cover controversy over DMPED decision to turn 5th and I development site into a temporary parking lot. That’s to the chagrin of neighbors, who ‘allege that the parking lot does not conform with zoning, including incomplete fencing and a total lack of landscaping. the property is also being left unlocked at night, which is raising security concerns from neighboring residential properties.’ [...]