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  1. OhMyHeart

    I grew up out in Fairfax and always lamented to my parents how far away we were from everything and how I couldn’t WAIT to live in a city. They were so offended – because they worked HARD to provide that kind of life for me.

    And now gas is how expensive? I’ll take walking around a potentially crime-ridden (I mean, preferably not, obviously) city neighborhood any day :)

  2. fourthandeye

    @OMH – My parents also thought migrating to the far out suburbs was a sign of hard work being rewarded. During 8th grade they moved our family from a close in suburb to Hartford CT to a sprawling town where neighbors are 1/4 mile apart.

    I went from being able to bike to friends houses, public pools, parks, movie theatres, shops, the DQ, etc in 5-25 minutes to the boonies. It now took 20 minutes across enormous rolling hills simply to get to the one convenience store in town. Uggggh. My mobility was stripped from me. I was in an auto dependent area without a car. I don’t think they anticipated that I would dislike the move as much as I did. But based on that experience they aren’t surprised to see that I’m a city person today.

  3. Daniel

    It also did a real good job at killing communities. People become so tired from the commute that they have no interest to even talk with their neighbors.
    I was lucky that I grew up in a semi-urban area (Arlington Courthouse). I tried a place like Fredericksburg for a shocking 3 years before I wanted to scream and came roaring back to the the near-burbs…