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  1. MyTwoPence..

    Though I would prefer a community park or some other structure that will serve our neighborhood better, I am not convinced about having a non-revenue generation structure especially with the city’s poor financial conditions and the current economic environment.

  2. adam k

    How about some temporary urbanism for the Bozzuto lots on the north side of L St between 4th and 5th? A tennis or basektball court, or a dog park would be welcomed.

  3. MVTer

    Since the city has given us a temporary parking lot without any community input, I think we should ask them to offer its use for a temporary urbanism activity at least once a week through the summer. The protests are simply overkill. The parking lot is not wanted but it is not the end of the world. We need to focus on getting the city and the developer in agreement and starting the work needed to bring that side of the block back from its current blight.

  4. FourthandEye

    I agree with MVTer.

  5. This issue will be the main event at the next MVSNA meeting. Donahoe, mayors office, MVTCID are all to attend…Tuesday March 16th, 7:30pm, Yale Lofts, 437 NY Ave NW. newsletter will be out & about shortly…

  6. 555er

    Hey — if anyone has the right contact. The parking lot contractor is leaving the gate to the lot open and unlocked. This creates a great area for drug dealing, drinking and crime (there is a spot the guys use time to time to store their stash toward the back of the lot). Can someone let us know who we should talk to to get the city to lock up that parking lot?

  7. will definitely bring this up at the MVSNA mtg. tomorrow. that, and surprise! not one bit of this asphalt expanse allows for the mandatory percentage of landscaping. apparently all we get is tarmac and a crappy bent open access chain link fence. whoopie!

  8. 555er

    Relocate the Liberty Farmer’s Market to this site.