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  1. FourthandEye

    I felt it important to get this post out today rather than continue to try to deliberate how to best craft all the details I learned at the meeting into a coherent writeup. Consider this comment a brain dump of those other items:

    Attendees included: Hill Country’s management, lawyer and sound expert; 3 members of the ANC6C ABL committee including chair Anne Phelps; ANC commissioner Charley Docter; Ewing Miller representing the DNA; two leaders from the Landsburgh including Kevin Wilsey; and two residents who arrived an hour into the meeting so I don’t know which building they lived in.

    All construction work currently going on in the old Apartment Zero building is being done by the landlord not Hill Country. The landlord is upgrading the utilities and the basement space.

    Like NYC the nightly live music will be in the basement level of the building. The establishment will have two bar areas – one on each level. The bar on the street level is geared towards being an area for restaurant patrons to mill before the hostess can seat them.

    Some questioned how a self proclaimed family restaurant needs to be open until 2AM on weeknights. Shaw replied that in NYC the music ceases on weeknights before midnight and typically less than 50 patrons are around at last call. They are not a club that makes it’s money packing it in from 11pm to 2am. Lunch and dinner pull in most of their receipts. There will not be 300 people dumping onto the streets after last call.

    A scan of the Music Calendar on Hillcountryny.com shows a cover charge is only being assessed once in March.

  2. LatCityVista

    Just went to this place in NY and it was awesome. Can’t wait for the delicious brisket, sausage and macaroni and cheese.

  3. jot

    Well maybe Hill Country just wants to be open until 2AM on weeknights. Maybe they should determine their own needs. Residents as well as business pay taxes in this city. I support the opportunity for the residential community to weigh in on new establishments and liquor licenses, but opposition for the sake of opposition in DC is getting old. Let them be, please!

    “opposition is merely procedural”

    Exactly. Opposition is standard operating procedure in DC in so many cases.

    While you may not wish to patronize this establishment at 1AM or later, please let others have the opportunity to go and eat. After all, this place is a restaurant, primarily.

  4. FourthandEye

    @jot – I was only recapping the proceedings and the tenor of the meeting. I do not oppose Hill Country. In fact I would characterize Hill Country as the addition to PQ/MVT in the last two years I’ve had the most anticipation for.

    I would advise you not to be so quick to oversimplify and point fingers.


  1. [...] Penn Quarter – Our friends at The Triangle provide a detailed write up on Hill Country’s liquor license application (410 7th St NW). We were at the monthly ANC6C meeting and learned that the ANC will protest the license but will withdraw the protest pending the satisfactory outome of the signing of a voluntary agreement with engaged parties. [The (Mount Vernon) Triangle] [...]