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  1. mediocre bad guy

    If DC want’s scooters and motorcycles to park on the street then maybe they should consider parking spaces specifically designed for them on EVERY block.

    What is every scooter supposed to take a whole entire car parking space? and pay as much to park even though its 1/10 the size?

    Sounds kinda silly to me.

  2. Anonymous

    i was pulled over tonight on my 50 cc yamaha got a ticket for no tags, registration and no insurance. $500. in the dmv manual they say that anything 50 cc and under is considered a bicycle. where is it written otherwise? help please b/c i need to go to court to contest this ticket. thanks.

    please respond to animal_crackers@mac.com

    thanks for any help on this!

  3. fourthandeye

    @animal_crackers – sorry none of our contributors on this site is an authority on scooter laws. I merely linked to the Saints Scooter club’s FAQs. I don’t think we can help you.


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