3 Responses to “Do you use foursquare?”


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  1. FourthandEye

    I do use foursquare. Just one of many smartphone apps you can use to occupy a little time when your waiting in line somewhere, for your Taylor hoagie to be prepared, or you friends to arrive at the bar. But I don’t really see it becoming remotely close to the next Twitter unless they manufacture more reason to check-in. These badges will never have broad appeal to the masses. The mashable article suggests the company has aims to integrate with other social media and offer more. The sooner the better if they are to succeed…

  2. seems a little ‘big brother’ to me. I feel you become mayor of a place when everybody knows your name (i.e. like Cheers) even if you can’t tell people what to do.

  3. Jason

    I think “Big Brother” applies in cases where you are being watched without consent. Social media is opt-in. If you can select what you share it doesn’t feel intrusive to me.

    This discussion made me wonder what Twitter’s business model is. How does a free service with no ads make money?