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  1. I actually like Lift Off. I think it adds a bright point of interest to the corner. But this? looks like graffiti to me, albeit a little more cleaned up.

  2. DCer

    The other sculpture got some criticism too (e.g., looks like Big Bird), but what a desolate, dumpy area this was not long ago. The area around City Vista is becoming pretty cool IMHO. Some funky sculptures only help.

  3. MVTer

    The addition of this piece might make lift off look less out of place. I like this new piece.

  4. NoMaRes

    I hate this. I think it looks exactly like graffiti and I wish people in the neighborhood would have been asked if they would like such a prominent thing displayed. Really ugly and not original, graffiti in a downtown area of a city is nothing special…I am so disappointed.