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  1. Jason

    When will Kushi be opening?

  2. Sara

    GGW reports that WMATA is considering limiting the yellow line on nights (after 9:30pm) and weekends to a shuttle between King Street and Huntington. Here’s a link: http://greatergreaterwashington.org/post.cgi?id=4751

    I’m about to move to the area and will basically be married to the yellow line to get around. Anyone else not thrilled?

  3. FourthandEye

    @Sara – I wonder what the Yellow line ridership after 9:30pm is? I wouldn’t think of it as being THAT high as it’s well after the evening commute. No weekend service will undoubtedly be a big inconvenience though…

  4. Chris 555 Mass Ave

    It’s FREEZING! This winter has been a whopper. I’m dreaming of summer at our rooftop pool! Stay warm!

  5. Tom

    Our office just moved to 455 Mass. Ave and I have to say I’m digging it. Lunch spots so far: Taylor, Urfa, Chinatown Express. Nice having Ironhorse for after work.

    Any reccomendaations for a newcomer?

  6. L Resident

    What do people know about the attempted robbery at 10:45 pm last night outside of Safeway?

  7. FourthandEye

    @TY – thanks for the Kushi link

  8. FourthandEye

    Regarding the attempted robbery, Commander Kamperin stated the following on the MPD-1D listserv:

    We responded to that location for an assault with the intent to rob. Units on the scene broadcasted a lookout for the subjects. Three juveniles were stopped in the unit block of M and identified and placed under arrest. A BB gun was recovered from one of the juvenile subjects. We are looking at these juveniles for 3-4 other robberies in the area over the past month.