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  1. MVTer

    Just some hopefully productive feedback for Ace Hardware. I typically get great service at Ace Hardware. But earlier this month, I went to the store to buy the closet system and although I had many questions I wanted to ask and was ready to buy, I got the brush off from the employee. So I left and went directly to the Container Store where they designed my closet, showed me what to do and sold me everything that I needed. Hopefully, the Ace staff will know that when a person is asking about the closet system that they may need a little extra assistance. Sorry I couldn’t give them my business.

  2. Thanks for plugging the event! i believe there were a few of your blog readers who attended too.

  3. MVTer,

    I would like to apologize for your visit earlier this month and thank you for the feedback. We’re always looking to improve, and your comment is appreciated. I hope that you’re happy with your new closet and I’m sorry that we were unable to help you with it. We have had some training for the staff and are looking forward to our sale in February, where everything Schulte is 30% off, accompanied by free delivery.

    We’re proud to be a part of the neighborhood and love hearing feedback, both positive and constructive.

    Jeremy Frost

  4. MVTer

    Thanks Jeremy. I still have to do my coat closet. I’ll give you another shot for that one. I like to keep my shopping local (meaning the ‘hood).