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  1. MVTer

    You can take the CID assessment off of your federal income tax. You cannot take the condo dues off as a deduction. The pass through eliminates this. Also, the OTR is charged with collecting back taxes. Why are they ignoring the non-payers. This is basically an extra tax that they are in a position to get. Bad idea.

    Finally, if they want to do this, the CID MUST start giving each condominium a representative (named by their BOD on their CID BOD). It is controlled right now by developers.

  2. SM, 555 Mass

    This will potentially saddle condo boards with huge liabilities. Upon best estimates presently, 20% of buildings do not pay. That equates to a $6k liability for my condo board – plus the time and expense of pursuing those fees from non payers. This is simply lazy government and an attempt to pass the buck to someone else. Many residents I speak to do not support MVTCID, believe it another abrogation of DC Council’s responsibilities. If they are forced to pay their neighbors’ bills as well as their own, there would be a lot of very unhappy people.

  3. SM, 555 Mass

    There is no upside for the condo buildings to this. Even if we were offered 10 spaces on the board, it wouldn’t make up for the financial penalty imposed on us by this move. This move is to make THEIR life easier and richer, which I have no interest in. There are ways for them to make their life easier as has been stated – online payments etc. This is simple a money-grab from condo Boards and I view it as a primary responsibility of Board members to oppose it since there is no net positive in my opinion.

  4. Dave

    I was familiar with this general issue before reading this post, but now, having read the post, I’ve switched sides. Whereas I previously though it would streamline things to have the condo associations handle this, I now agree that it’s not their problem, nor in their interest to assume this responsibility. Chasing non-payers is expensive for whoever is doing it. The CID wants the money, let them collect it. Offloading their administrative burdens on volunteer condo board members is a non-starter. Adding in the par-value issue, the tax deductibility issue, etc. make this even more obviously disadvantageous for condo owners and boards. Agreed; no upside for the COAs to take this on, and we’ll NEVER be able to give this responsibility BACK once we’ll assumed it.

  5. pqs

    MVTer: I’m almost positive that the CID taxes are not deductible since they are not based on the value of the property. Do you have other information?

  6. GG

    Now that it is tax time, I remembered the question on this post. The $120 BID tax is not tax deductable, see the following info on the IRS website.


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