5 Responses to “Reminder: MVTCID consolidated condo tax meeting tonight”


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  1. Yellowtavern1

    I can’t make it to the meeting, but thought I would mention that one can pay one’s DC real estate taxes online. Adding the ability to pay this tax online as well would make it easier for owners without eliminating the individual awareness of and responsibility for paying the tax that moving it to condo boards would.


  2. FourthandEye

    Yellowtavern1 brings up a good point. I tried to pay this tax online. However OTR applied the payment to my general property taxes rather than paying off the CID Tax. So I still owed the CID Tax but I had a $120 credit on my property tax. The only way to pay the CID Tax was to send in a check. That should change…

  3. very good idea. the contact for this is stephen.cordi@dc.gov he is with OTR and has been most helpful in bringing some of these tax forms out of the dark ages!

  4. J

    This is an absolutely terrible idea. Collection of taxes is inherently a government responsibility and should not be pawned off onto condo associations. It seems to be a pretty transparent attempt at avoiding issues with non-payment.

  5. oops i meant collection of taxes online by the city (or whoever) is a good idea. i would not think that lumping it by condo building would be favorable at all to the residents.