Alabama Tornado Assistance @ Busboys on Sunday

The following is a message from a Mount Vernon Triangle resident who is volunteering her time to gather donations for victims of the recent tornado that flattened Tuscaloosa Alabama. She will be outside the 5th & K Busboys and Poets from 11am to 5pm on Sunday May 1st.

My name is Penelope and I’m a current MVT resident, but I’m originally from Tuscaloosa, AL. If you’ve seen the news lately, you know that Tuscaloosa was catastrophically damaged by an EF5 tornado on Wednesday night. Over 200 people have died in Alabama alone, and thousands more are injured or homeless.

Thankfully my friends and family are physically ok, but so many people in the town have lost everything.
I’m unable to go there and help out in person because of job commitments here in DC, so instead I’m trying to raise as much money as possible to send back to help the victims; who are my friends, teachers, and neighbors.

My friends and I set up a table outside of Busboys and Poets this afternoon and handed out ribbons for donations. People in the community were extremely generous and I’m very grateful to everyone that stopped by with kind words.

Because it was so successful, we are planning to do the same thing tomorrow. We will be out there from 11am to 5pm, assuming the weather cooperates. I was hoping you could put up a post on the MVT blog to let people know that we will be out there in case they would like to donate to the tornado victims. I can assure you that every dollar will be immediately spent on supplies that will be taken to the shelters and volunteers in my home town and across the state.

If people are unable to come by tomorrow, they can donate online to either of the following organizations:
United Way of Central Alabama
Birmingham Area Chapter of American Red Cross

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Trans Fashion Show Fundraiser

The staff of the Mount Vernon Triangle CID asked me to post this notice:

The Back Street Girls to Sophisticated Ladies

Many of the men and women, and those in between, who used to be on the stroll at 5th and K Street are now in housing and receiving treatment.  As a tribute to their transformation, Leslie Perkins is holding a Trans Fashion Show on Sunday, May 1st from 4:00-8:00 p.m. at St. Martin’s Catholic Church – “The Back Street Girls to Sophisticated Ladies.”  The event is a fundraiser, and tickets are $20 at the door.  Come support the progress this community has made and watch them transform on the runway.  To learn more, call Leslie Perkins at (202) 705-8969 or visit T.H.E. at 1414 North Capitol Street, NW.

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WaPo highlights Mandu K Street late night eats

The Washington Post recently highlighted the K Street location of Mandu among their top late night eats.

Photo by Evy Mages for The Washington Post


After dinner service is over, the kitchen at Mandu’s Fifth and K location begins a second shift of sorts, cranking out Korean-meets-Mexican bar snacks. Night owls sup on piquant quesadillas oozing with cheese and buttery caramelized kimchi, and tacos stuffed with pillows of egg-battered tofu or bulgogi and peppery cucumber slaw. Mandu doesn’t bother with a menu of late-night curiosities; adventurous eaters sidle up to the bar and ask what’s on. It allows the cooks free reign to rifle through the fridge and whip something up, explains co-owner Danny Lee. The bar snacks run $5-$7.

The article also mentions The Passenger and Taylor Gourmet’s H Street NE location.

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Usage Stats for nearby Capital Bikeshare Stations

Lydia DePillis of the Washington City Paper posted a link to Capital Bikeshare usage data forthcoming from DDOT. The statistics measure trips originated and terminated for 107 stations through April 9th.

capital bikeshare

4th & Mass Bikeshare by Sciascia on Flickr

I’ve sort ordered the data and extracted rankings for the Mount Vernon Triangle and nearby Chinatown/Convention Center stations.

Capital Bikeshare usage through 4/9

I think it was expected that the stations near the metro stations and the City Vista retail would do very well. I think 4th & Mass has demonstrated a strong showing as well as it ranks above high profile stations at Eastern Market, H Street NE, the State Department and Barracks Row.

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