DNA Meeting this Thursday

This Thursday the Downtown Neighborhood Association will be having it’s first meeting since March which honored Miles Groves in memoriam.



I have not seen the agenda but would imagine it may have content related to the Mayoral or ANC elections.

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Livin La Vida Loca

Dan Zak of the Washingtonpost referred me to his July article on Vida owner David von Storch. Interesting read. The article so detailed it could be a wikipedia entry on the man. The content also serves as an excellent chronology of Results and Vida past history and outline of much of the future plans for Vida.

Anyway, let’s say the word on the street is true and Vida signs a conract for the City Vista space. I think perhaps the most encouraging aspect of that possibility is that Vida can offer great interim options nearby until the City Vista gym can be reopen doors. The Verizon or Renaissance Hotel locations of Vida aren’t very far away.

What would you like to see Vida do to transform the City Vista space?

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Goodbye Results, Hello Vida

The upper management of Results Gym decided to toss our community under the bus today. However their closure is not a reflection on our developing community. Not every business operator is going to succeed. A positive indicator for us is that other gym operators immediately lined up to express interest in the space. I have on good authority that Vida Fitness plans to take over the space at City Vista.

I don’t have details regarding timelines. But it’s been a crazy day and I wanted to get some calming news out there.

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City Vista Results Gym to Close *UPDATED*

The Results Gym at City Vista will close on September 1st.

[UPDATED 6:30AM 8/24/2010] This news has been confirmed. The following response was sent by Results to a Madrigal Lofts resident.

We feel you deserve an explanation. Here are the primary reasons.

  • Roughly half the members needed to sustain the monthly expenses.
  • Unanticipated $18,000 monthly tax bill on top of the $60,000 monthly rent
  • Lack of street traffic, 2 years of vacant retail/restaurant spaces on our side of the building
  • Four major floods from the apartments above
  • The delay of projected Mt. Vernon development, delayed opening and lagging sales of condos and apartments in the City Vista neighborhood.

Sommer Mathis has a few words from Results Director of Operations Brian Moody on the closure.

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MVTCID Marketing Committee Meeting

MVT CID Marketing Committee Meeting
August 24th, 2010; 6:00 p.m.
Former Madrigal Lofts Sales Trailer at corner of 4th & I Streets NW

From MVT CID Executive Director Bill McLeod:

On the agenda is creating a list of events for next fiscal year as we write our work plan and budget.

Also, Taste of the Triangle was a success with 7 restaurants participating, 41 tickets sold, using 14 volunteers, Great job everyone!

Past agendas and meeting minutes for the MVT CID marketing meeting can be found here.

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