Forum with Vincent Gray Tonight

*** Below is from the MVSNA blog ***

June CCCA joint public meeting with the Mt Vernon Square Neighborhood Association
7pm, Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This will be a joint CCCA/MVSNA public meeting
The Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church
900 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20001 |

Council Chairman and Mayor Candidate Vince Gray was unable to attend the last MVSNA meeting due to illness, but, as promised, he will be participating in a joint forum sponsored by the Convention Center Communication Association and MVSNA this Tuesday.  The information is below.  CCCA President Martin Moulton and Cary Silverman will moderate the forum.  This is a chance to ask your questions related to his positions on crime legislation, vacant property, earmarks, and his general vision for the city.  We hope you will join us for an interesting and important dialogue.

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2nd Warehouse Theater “Free-For-All”

From Paul Ruppert regarding the upcoming Warehouse Free-For-All:

Time for Round 2 – 6/25 at 5pm.

We are cleaning out the Warehouse Theater! In preparation for the DC FRINGE Festival we are having a second round of decluttering. Everything (almost) must go!

Stop by the Warehouse on Friday June 25th starting at 5pm, grab a drink at the Passenger in front, and browse the merchandise. See something you like from a past production? It’s yours. Want a piece of plywood for that art project? Be our guest.

Most of the restaurant equipment is free, but for some there will be a nominal charge – listed in the individual posting. If there is no amount, then assume it will be gratis.

In return for the free stuff, we’ll be asking for Donations to the new Dupont Underground project. So bring $5 or $10 to drop in the bucket at the start of the Free for All.

Location -
1021 7th Street NW
Washington, DC
Enter through The Passenger

Except for the really large stuff, expect to take your items with you.

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Save the Tree

ANC 6C01 Commissioner Keith Silver contacted me this morning urging the blog to support his urgent cause to save a 100 year old tree on the NW corner of 4th and I Streets NW. Mr Silver says the community only has 15 days to organize and petition before the tree will be cut down.

Tree on NW corner of 4th and I Streets NW

The Paramount Development group behind the 425 Eye Street project is the entity aiming to cut the tree down. The developer has been renovating the office building for the last year and is now upgrading the sidewalks on Eye Street. The project removed all the other trees that surrounded the project months ago. I thought that was pretty weak sauce to begin with but now this attempt to remove the last remaining tree, which was the oldest and largest of the group, is rather reprehensible. If this tree is indeed 100 years old it survived the construction of the building – yet we’re to believe it can’t survive sidewalk installation?

Commissioner Silver urges all concern citizens in favor of “Saving this Historic Tree” or those in favor of “Cutting it Down” located at 425 Eye Street NW to contact him at within the next Ten (10) Days to determine what should be done in this 15-day window.

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