2010 Year in Review

This past year was a busy year for the neighborhood and the blog. The blog published 317 postings, migrated to a new domain and WordPress layout, and increased page view traffic by more than 40%. On occasion our postings made a small but immediate difference as a treebox hazard in Chinatown that had existed for years was fixed soon after we finally ranted about it. We also put forth our best efforts to provide a platform for meaningful informed discussion of the ANC6C01 election this fall.

The neighborhood survived Snowmageddon until it became Snowverkill, saw Fourth Street Reconfiguration completed, and received two Capital Bikeshare stations in DDOT’s initial rollout. We unfortunately lost the unofficial mayor of downtown, Miles Groves, far too soon but it was befitting to see the Cosmopolitan Condominium honor his memory outside their front door.

Without further adieu here’s the listing of highlights of the past year:



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American Community Survey Still Lagging?

Over the last few weeks the Census Bureau has released results from the 2009 American Community Survey (ACS) at the Tract level and the 2010 Census population counts at the State level. The 2010 Census counts were very favorable for D.C. as for the first time in six decades the District grew in population rather than declined. The 5.19% growth pushed D.C. back over 600,000.

The 2010 Census will ultimately reveal a lower level picture at Census Tract and Block Group for the ten basic questions on the short form including name, sex, age, date of birth, ethnicity, race, and homeownership status. But we are months away from that lower level of detail being published.

In the meantime we have the aforementioned 2009 ACS survey for Tract data. Using a Mapping America tool published by the NYTimes it is possible to view ACS results by tract in a visual geolocational form rather than mind numbing spreadsheets.

The Mount Vernon Triangle falls within Census Tract 47, Block Group 3. Since the ACS data does not drill down to Block Group we must settle for reviewing the entirety of Tract 47 which extends our Triangle borders eastward past New Jersey Ave to North Capitol.

Image from NYTimes ACS Mapping America tool; click to enlarge

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Raising the (Dun)bar

Late last week the District unveiled plans to replace Dunbar High School with a new modern facility for the 2013/14 school year. The 1970′s era building at 1301 New Jersey Ave NW that is commonly described as having the architecture of a prison will be replaced by a $100 million dollar new school. The construction of the new campus will occur first by building the new school on the land occupied by the football field.

From this:

Dunbar High School‎ today

To this

For more images/details visit the project page.

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The new sports bar/lounge Redline has been open for a few weeks at 707 G Street NW. The venue features over 33 plasma screen TVs, a 22 foot sports ticker, two popular Vegas-style “sportsbook” electronic boards and booths with self-serve beer taps.

Celebs Gabrielle Union and Hill Harper were both at Redline last Friday night when Usher was performining across the street at the Verizon Center. What’s the verdict on Redline so far from the locals?

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Mandu Awning

Construction continues briskly for Mandu at City Vista. Today I noticed a new metal awning outside the entrance for the restaurant.

installation of metal awning for Mandu at City Vista

Upon completion of construction the interior is expected to look like these renderings.

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