Man’s Best Friend in the Triangle

Recently we received an e-mail request to post some information regarding neighborhood dog parks, dog walkers and pet-friendly establishments. This rather vague post is more so a call for information since I am not a dog-owner and have had a pretty difficult time finding pet-related resources downtown. It seems to me that despite the many pet owners in my building, downtown is not a very pet friendly place. Do our four legged pals have but mere tree boxes to relax in? Are they welcomed at any of our neighborhoods businesses? Most importantly where do people exercise and play with their dogs?

Share with us your knowledge about downtown doggie living.

In the meantime here are a few links relating to Dog-related news in the district:
Adams Morgan Dogs – Supporting Dog Runs in the District with specific focus to Adams Morgan
DCDOG Dog Park Task Force – Petition to enact new dog friendly public park regulations
MetroPets – Directory listing of pet sitters and other pet-services
Doggeeks – Dog parks in Washington D.C.

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5th and Eye receives proposals and NIMBYs surface

While the reverse may not be true, I imagine much of the readership of this blog reads Penn Quarter Living. Yesterday they had a post recapping recent news on the development bids for the 5th and Eye location. You can also find out more details at DCMud.

The PQL post sparked dialogue about the potential retail in each of these proposals. For the purpose of this discussion I’m using retail as a catch all term for restaurants, amenities and retail. On the one hand you have people that selected Mount Vernon Triangle for it’s proximity to Penn Quarter’s retail, the retail that will be at City Vista, and the potential for more retail as the neighborhood continues to be built out. The flip side is the Not in My Back Yard (NIMBY) contingent. They are opposed to anything that could possibly make noise within range of their units and would prefer that retail be instead located “down the street”.

I have a few thoughts on this subject I wanted to share. I will focus my comments with regards to the Boutique Hotel with Jazz club proposal. That seems to be the most polarizing of the proposals that we actually have any details on. I also don’t believe anyone arguing against a basic restaurant or cafe has a foot to stand on – this is downtown city living folks!

Any new venue could lack adequate parking to support it’s customer base and we’d be OK to veto it. Whether it be a Fitness club, Restaurant, Hotel, or Jazz club. Any venue could also implement something that would be genuinely distracting such as the enormous red neon Kenny Rogers Roasters sign in the Seinfeld episode “The Chicken Roaster“. But at this early stage I think the more interesting discussion is on the merits of the individual retail concept than speculating on fine implementation details that we don’t even know yet.

Nearly the entire Triangle is new construction. Presumably our new condos have more sound proofing than if we lived in decades old construction. A new jazz club would also be placed in a venue built for it’s specific use rather than clumsily stuffed into a property not originally designed for music. Moreover, the proposed Jazz Club is described in the DCMud article as a restaurant jazz venue, which is more similar to U Street’s Bohemian Caverns, than a big live entertainment venue like House of Blues.

Given that, I don’t believe noise from the venue is as big an issue for this specific type of club as some suggest. Also I don’t think this sort of venue lends itself to binge drinkers exiting at 2AM and yelling “I’m so drunk right now” while urinating in a tree box. It would be mostly people talking to their friends as they walk to metro or wait for a cab.

Perhaps on the 1st and 2nd floors may get some of this street noise. But you don’t buy a unit downtown on the 1st or 2nd floor if you can’t handle this. People pay premiums to live higher up the building. In this area we aren’t paying that premium for views as nearly every view will be obstructed in the near future by another 130 foot building. We pay the premium for the investment purposes and to be above taxi exhaust and street noise.

The District’s master planing for the Mount Vernon Triangle area designated that 5th street as the “5th Street Retail Corridor”. So retail IS coming. I could learn more about any of these proposals and become concerned but I think at the moment we should continue to be open minded. The community is not going to become more diverse and vibrant if we pass judgment hastily on anything that is different.

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Starchitecture in the District?

I was reading the NYT and came across this interesting article about big name architects being featured prominently in new developments across the city. There are many exotic, beautiful, and sometimes groundbreaking new designs going up in Manhattan and many of them in the residential sector. Now why is it that we seem to not have ANY of these headed our way? What little “starchitecture” we do have is woefully diluted and dated. Where are the hot young talents of today? Wouldn’t you like to see them flourish in our fair city?

Architect Jean Nouvel stands in one of the apartments at 40 Mercer courtesy of New York Magazine

Why not put DC developments on the map?

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The bubble bursts in the Triangle

This scary post on DC Housing Prices today was enough to raise the hairs on the back of my neck. I’m not quite sure what to make of it… do you?

“If I owned a unit at the Sonata, I think I’d be a tad unhappy that the developer is lowering prices 6.4 – 14.4%, less than a year after I closed on my unit.”

DC Housing Prices Blog

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Mount Vernon Triangle Maps From The Past!

Yesterday Penn Quarter Living had an interesting post comparing Satellite Images from years in the past to the most current images. I thought it would be interesting to do the same for Mount Vernon Triangle.

Using the Bird’s eye view feature of Microsoft’s Local Live I pulled up some images of Mount Vernon Triangle. These focus on the area around Madrigal Lofts, the Sonata and the Dumont.



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