A New Addition to the Triangle

Please welcome our new writer, MadrigalBlogs, he’ll be contributing to the Triangle blog and telling us a little more about his slice of the pie.

We look forward to adding more neighbors who wish to contribute to the blog in the future. If you’re interested drop me a line, we would love to be able to represent all of the condominiums in the Triangle!

p.s. If you live at 400Mass, Yale Laundry, The Meridian, or 300 Mass, you are most definitely part of the Triangle community so don’t be a stranger!

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Who am I and why this blog?

I received a comment earlier today that I think deserved some recognition…

Remember — there are already over 500 people living in the Triangle. Some for up to three years. Before you start throwing too many stones about what is happening, please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that nothing is going on (until you arrive here). We have a vital involved community. We know each other. We know each other’s dogs. We go to community meetings and work with the Mount Vernon Triangle CID, our ANC, and our Council Member as well as MPD. Try going to the MVSNA or the DNA meetings and introducing yourself to some of the existing residents and find out what it is REALLY like to live here. Just a thought. You might want to actually know some of your neighbors before you comment on us

Dear Anonymous,
I would like to introduce myself and let you know that I’m actually not as much of a stranger as you might think. I currently live one block off the triangle at 300 Mass., and have lived there for the past 2 years. I know my neighbor’s dog REALLY well, and he is super cute (even if he is absurdly loud). I am not proud of the fact that I have not been able attend any of the aforementioned community meetings but unfortunately the past two years of my life have probably been the craziest. I am a graduate student in my last semester trying to pump out a thesis. While I have never claimed that these community organizations do nothing for the Triangle I am sharing with my fellow neighbors the fact (and maybe the frustration) that even someone who does live in the Triangle, mere blocks from
anonymous, might not have any idea of what’s going on. Especially if that person is not a home-owner as of yet. My reasoning and tone for the posts thus far is that for those of us who are unable to attend the community meetings, or feel like we have less of a say because we are “merely renters” there should be some easy and fun way to gather everyones thoughts on the community, happenings, etc…

If anonymous has any good news about say…the Mount Vernon Triangle CID I would like to encourage him to post a comment or send us any news. I look forward to the day when this stupid thesis is over, and I can become a “REAL” neighbor to all of you. For now this blog is as much as I can contribute.

I hope everyone enjoys and feels free to contribute to this new community blog.

Thanks for reading,
Your neighborhood blogger

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Historic Structures in the Triangle

I was just searching for something on google when I came across this power point someone created a couple of years back, before serious development in the Triangle began.

Download the power point here.

When I came across the slide of 419 Mass. I immediately became quite sad, I wasn’t really familiar with the area when I bought my condo at the DuMont and didn’t realize there might actually have been something on the site worth saving.

I realize we can’t hold onto everything, sometimes we have to let go of the past to build a better future for our communities… but if we’re gonna let go, we should at least be aware of what we’re sacrificing and be sure that what were replacing it with is seriously good.

There are still a few of these structures remaining in the triangle. Wouldn’t it be great if the were actually restored to their former glory? Do we really want a Triangle thats made up almost entirely of new, sometimes crappy and characterless construction?

Let’s think about it…

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It seems to me that everyone was on the ball regarding the future of our community back in 2005 when development was at a frenzied pace. Unfortunately I don’t see this fervor (At least not on line anyway) anymore. I’m going to point you guys to a couple of great initiatives for the triangle that seem to have completely died by way of websites that haven’t been substantially updated since well…2005.

The Mount Vernon Triangle Project

Transportation and Public Realm Design Project
Last Updated: April, 2005

The Mount Vernon Triangle CID

Community Improvement District
Last Updated: Yes, the post mild updates every month or so. But I want more!

Mount Vernon Place (Development)
The developer of the easternmost third of the triangle.
Last Updated: Never. We want to know what the hell you guys are planning. As we can see by the buildings going up in front of the Sonata there has been a clear change in the otherwise picturesque master plan they had for MVplace… Shouldn’t they make their intentions a little more clear to us?

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The sexiest gym in the Triangle

Ok so we all know that our swanky new buildings come with fitness centers which are fine for most (Definitely enough to maintain my 3 crunches a week routine) but for some of the more hardcore folk the new Results gym at CityVista promises to be a sexy place to work out.

The newest Results location is being designed by STUDIOS architecture who have developed the new brand strategy and design for all new Results locations. They have a few pictures posted on their site, one of which I linked to below.

Check out the STUDIOS website yourself here

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Downtown Condo Update

I was last in the triangle about a week or so ago and I took some pictures of what seems to be a fairly on schedule Dumont. I want to apologize for taking way too many pictures of the north side of the building but it also happens to be the side my unit is on ; )

I’m fairly happy with the exterior architecture to date. While still very conservative, Phil Esocoff has managed to update DC’s stale architectural vocabulary into something a little more palatable. If only the triangle started to go in the direction of high end Manhattan developments like this…

One Jackson Square
50 Gramercy Park North
1 York Tribeca
40 bond

Maybe there’s hope for the future?

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